Shaping the Sustainability Agenda

Julius Rutherfoord and Co speak at high-level eco-summit

To help demonstrate the benefits of being eco-friendly, London specialist in cleaning and soft FM services provision, Julius Rutherfoord & Co is speaking at the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit in Paris (8-9 November).

JR & Co. Operations Director, Chris Parkes will be talking about ‘Sustainability in the professional cleaning sector’, and how this benefits clients, on day two of the conference, 9.45am at the Paris Marriott Champs Elysees Hotel.

Factors that Chris Parkes will cover include the importance of:

  • Meaningful sustainable cleaning solutions, relevant to a client site, environment and culture
  • Innovations that are not only sustainable, but improve the efficiency of the cleaning service too
  • Holding internationally-recognised environmental accreditations including ISO 4001 and Carbon Smart certification, so that clients are secure in the knowledge providers aren’t paying lip service to being environmentally friendly
  • Partnership approach between the service provider and client
  • Transparency in reporting and measurement

Chris Parkes said: “Sustainability and green cleaning are too often used as buzzwords by cleaning and soft FM outsourcing companies. It is crucial that companies which say they are working sustainably can prove that they are doing this in a clear and accurate way. Otherwise it undermines the sustainable agenda that truly green-thinking companies are working so hard to implement.”

Innovative technology and sustainable cleaning measures that JR & Co has introduced include pulse mopping systems which clean more efficiently than traditional mops. They release pre-determined amounts of cleaning product and water, meaning no wasteful trips to refill buckets with water. JR & Co also use the InnuScience biotechnology range of professional cleaning products which use biological molecules to break down substances. The clean is more thorough whilst being cost-effective, safe, and responsible to the environment.

One of the most impactful innovations introduced to clients is a contract management app designed specifically to meet the needs of the cleaning sector. The many benefits and efficiencies this has brought include an increase of 11% in JR & Co recycling rates and a reduced need for time consuming paperwork, meaning less time in the office for area managers and more time spent supporting clients.

Chris continued: “We passionately believe in working with our clients to implement green initiatives, including recycling and waste management solutions and introducing the latest innovative biotechnology cleaning methods in their facility. This type of partnership approach can help both parties reach sustainability goals, work in a safer environment, and boosts the reputational status of the facility being serviced as a true champion of best practice.”

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