When you contract with a commercial cleaner, you’re letting them into your organisation’s space.

But of course, you don’t let just anyone into your space.

And neither do we...

JR&Co's airport style security vetting


For your benefit, we put as much thought into how we clean as we do into making sure we employ the best people for the job.

The Home Office estimates as many as 900,000 people are working illegally in the UK.

We guarantee they’re not working at JR&Co and so they’re not working on our clients’ sites.

Our security and vetting processes protect your reputation and ensure only highly skilled JR&Co staff work on your site.


Even the best people can only work effectively if they’re supported by the right technology and systems.

We have invested in the latest Keesing ID DocumentScan vetting process, equivalent to that used in airports and other border crossings.

Through verifying right to work documents in this process, we can assure you our workforce is legitimate.

All employees from Directors to part-time cleaning employees, must attend our Head Office and pass our positive identity checks, provide facial scans, biometric fingerprint data and pass DBS checks.

When cleaning operatives arrive to site, they will log-in using the facial recognition tablets

Facial recognition T&A ensures only skilled JR&Co staff will access your site and the information contained on it will always be protected.

JR&Co - Visitas tablet

We checked 688 records and did not encounter any offenders with the use of fraudulent documents.

Home Office