If you are responsible for managing unique and challenging spaces in London, you will understand the necessity to partner with a cleaning company that shares your vision, ethos and approach. JR&Co stands out as the expert partner for London’s esteemed museum, heritage sites, as well as Public/Private Spaces (PPS), including high-profile sites like the Freemasons' Hall, headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England.

Our approach to managing these spaces is comprehensive, taking into account high traffic volumes, diverse user groups, varied service specifications, and the need for rapid response, among other factors. 

This is especially critical in environments where the preservation of the building's integrity, the safety of the public, and the smooth execution of numerous functions and events are paramount. Our bespoke cleaning regimes are meticulously designed and implemented to cater to the unique requirements of each venue, ensuring the highest standards of service.

Our services extend beyond cleaning; we offer a range of ancillary services such as cloakroom management, porterage, event setup and breakdown, and even concierge services, emulating 5-star hotel standards in some of London's most distinctive settings.

Utilising proprietary Management Information (MI) and trend analysis, we continuously refine our operations to provide maximum benefit to users, ensuring a safe and clean environment at all times. Whether interacting with the general public or VIPs, our staff are trained to deliver services tailored to the specific needs of each client and space, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in all facets of our work.