At Julius Rutherfoord & Co, we are committed to giving something back to the communities in which we work and further afield to those less fortunate.

By big and small acts of charity and sustainable practices, such as using purified water to clean grade listed buildings or building a girls’ orphanage in India. Our social value last year was measured at £320,381 and this is only the beginning.

If you would like to work with us to improve your social value and help us make a difference, please do contact us here


Empowering our people is at the heart of our promise. In our experience looking after their wellbeing results in happy cleaning teams who delight our clients.

Just Rewards & Communications, our employee portal, offers ease of communication and many benefits for our teams, such as discounts in many high street shops or emotional and physical health support.

Our biometric systems mean we pay accurately, and on time – and if they think we haven’t, they can call our dedicated phone line and we will sort things out.

We reward our people fairly and help them to develop. Every member of staff is given thorough training throughout their time with us.

We also do everything we can to ensure that our people work in a safe physical and social environment. From the best cleaning equipment and materials to clear processes to follow in all situations.


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The Julius Rutherfoord Home, a girl’s orphanage in Pamuru, India


In truth, it’s not about what we do. It’s about what we do to help others and the world at large.

To support this mantra, we have made two considered investments, both in London and abroad.

As part of our commitment to supporting Social Value in London, we work closely with the Crown & Manor Club in Hackney. This charity has been supporting young boys and men to develop core life skills, for over 100 years.

Focused on delivering a safe and inspirational environment for the club’s users, the Crown & Manor Club provides an invaluable educational facility that develops user’s knowledge of personal, social and health education and citizenship as part of their core ethos.

In 2018 we also funded the building of The Julius Rutherfoord Home, a girl’s orphanage in Pamuru, India.

This investment provides young, orphaned females with the opportunity to receive an education, to develop social skills and to be looked after in a loving and safe environment.

We are exceptionally proud of these investments and by giving others a real chance in life, we can truly have a positive impact in the world and on humanity.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

In 2019 we received our first Planet Mark accreditation.

This year we truly stepped up our game and achieved a 27.9% carbon reduction, along with delivering social value amounting to an incredible £320,381.

These feats make us incredibly proud. In reality, they only provide us with a new basis to work from and a challenge for us to improve on in the future.

Our Planet Mark certification also means we protect an acre of rainforest in Peru, through the charity Cool Earth.

Besides these incredible achievements, we have been making donations to WaterAid since 2010, and are proud of our contribution to their determination to make clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene normal for everyone, everywhere within a generation. 


Cool Earth Certificate - JR&Co

During the pandemic, the cleaning team and management team stepped up to the mark and helped us put in place Covid cleaning services, sourced hand sanitising units and Clorox machines. They kept our buildings clean and our people safe with their continuous cleaning regime. They went above and beyond their daily duties and nothing is too much trouble for them. Their support to ICR was commendable. They enable our people to find a 'cure for cancer' by keeping our buildings clean, safe and a pleasant place to work.

The Institute of Cancer Research - Client since 1994