We operate a zero waste to landfill policy. We work closely with our waste management partners to enhance our recycling rates and those of our clients.

To achieve this, our partners carry out intrusive waste audits and deliver recommendations on enhancing recycling rates for our clients. For example:

  • Training the cleaning team to correctly segregate and dispose of waste, bespoke to our client’s waste streams.

  • Providing signage, awareness campaigns and educational sessions to engage and educate our clients’ stakeholders.

  • Providing detailed reporting on the carbon produced from our clients’ waste.

  • Introducing additional waste streams.

Carl has put himself at the forefront in assisting with waste management going above and beyond what is expected of the role. This is assisting ICR with reducing waste cost through the management and correct segregation of waste. Allowing monies to be put back to the science of 'discovering a cure for cancer'.

The Institute of Cancer Research - Client since 1994