Value is in the eye of the beholder.

We believe that value is providing our clients with an exceptional service, continual and proactive management support, delivering a flexible and innovative service; all for the right price.

As a leading provider of cleaning services, we never stop developing our approach to be truly reflective of a value for money solution.

We will be the cleaning partner that you have always wanted. Responsive, keen to please, committed to partnership and a company that doesn’t just talk continual improvement, instead is a company that never stands still.

Post the Covid-19 pandemic, value for money is also going to be defined by how flexible a partner can and is willing to be. Flexibility is innate in the manner we operate.

By being the partner that a client wants, we do not need to operate with fixed-term contracts, we do not need to be rigid with site headcount or equipment and we do not need to define our price.

The requirements of a client and site will do all of that and we will work to ensure that our approach meets our clients' needs, no matter what they are.

Julius Rutherfoord are certainly not the cheapest, but they are the best value for money.

Harrow Council