We feel that it is no longer acceptable for cleaning to be conducted using harsh acidic or alkaline cleaning chemicals.

Progress in technology means that, to achieve the best all-around results, it is imperative to use biodegradable and non-hazardous products. Indeed, the use of these products means we can deliver an outstanding service without causing detriment to our client’s building assets.

To support this mantra, we have made a commitment to solely use products that are safe and non-hazardous but support our teams in delivering the premium standards we are known for.

JR&Co Cleaner City University of London
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Working alongside Bunzl, we leverage their supplier categorisation with a focus on product, production, producer and packaging. Procuring gold-rated products only, we now exclusively provide our cleaning teams with Odorbac Tec 4, for general surface and glass cleaning, and Biohygiene’s Urinal & Toilet Cleaner, to support our washroom cleaning approach.

Both products are non-hazardous, ensuring that our cleaners can use them without concern for their health or potential damage to surfaces and fabrics.

We have also made huge strides in how we engage equipment providers, with a focus on using equipment that facilitates regular heavy cleaning without the requirement to use chemicals.

Our teams now use a range of the latest electric mops, steam cleaning, orbitising and/or cobotic machinery, that combines innovation and chemical less cleaning, whilst achieving outstanding standards for our clients.

As a leading distributor and not a manufacturer, Bunzl is not tied to any types of materials or products and we are therefore uniquely positioned to have a positive impact across the entire supply chain by having an objective overview of the best sustainability solutions for each customer.