8 Practical tips for a perfect premises throughout autumn... come rain or shine

Autumn in London

The changing colours of the leaves during autumn are a beautiful sight and have inspired famous paintings and poetry. However, the season also brings more unsettled weather, meaning extra steps need to be taken to protect workplaces and people.

Facilities managers we partner with work tirelessly to overcome daily challenges to ensure their sites run smoothly and maintain a clean and safe environment. Issues they face particular to this time of year are mud and wet leaves that can be trodden into flooring, and heavy wind, rain and flooding which can result in leaking roofs and flooded floors. Added to that, this is the season when cases of flu start to increase, impacting on workplace well-being.

It’s vital, therefore, that buildings are cleaned regularly and meticulously to avoid business disruption and continue to create the right impression. Barrier mats should be cleaned frequently so that the dirt doesn’t spread to carpets. Some floor surfaces may require deep cleaning, whilst others may benefit from removing damaged seals and applying fresh coatings.

An as expert provider and specialist in secure commercial cleaning® we are passionate about our work. This includes targeting germ hot spots, such as lift buttons, door handles and other frequently used objects to help stop the spread of infection. Our cleaning teams are well-trained in health and safety, hygiene and infection prevention, use the right equipment and techniques, and have a “don’t walk past” attitude, meaning they will alert site management to any issues they spot outside of cleaning to make the area safe.

Leaks and flooding can not only cause further damage if left unresolved but can also pose serious health and safety issues and lead to accidents and injuries if not dealt with quickly and correctly. These incidents often happen out of standard working hours and can have an immediate impact, so it’s vital that your service provider is flexible and responsive and at hand to assist when you need them most. Our clients benefit from the fact that we are local to them and dedicated to always providing the highest standards.

By taking precautions, facilities managers can limit or avoid potential autumn related threats to buildings and people. Our 8 practical tips for a perfect premises this autumn include:

  1. Place textured synthetic mats or metal grids on the outside of entrances to allow visitors to scrape off dirt before they enter the building
  2. Ensure pathways are well lit in the darker evenings and kept clear of mud and debris
  3. Always turn taps off after use and deal quickly with leaking taps
  4. Monitor weather conditions and take appropriate precautions to protect the building
  5. Look for signs of water penetration in the roofing, exterior walls and foundations
  6. Insulate pipes to help prevent unexpected burst pipes due to cold weather
  7. Have a clean desk policy which will not only increase safety but also help to minimise the spread of infection
  8. Place hand hygiene systems in the washroom and office, and promote hand washing best practice with posters and information campaigns

There is so much to love about autumn and by implementing meticulous standards and preparing for the worst, surviving any of this season’s challenging conditions should be a straightforward task.