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For the last 30 years we've been experts in delivering Secure Commercial Cleaning in London. It's thanks to our secure processes and procedures that we can maintain the meticulous standards of cleaning that our clients expect.

Supporting your return to work after lockdown

The implementation of JR&Co’s Hygiene Supervisors and Specialists, from the moment that you return to work, will not only smooth the transition back to the workplace but will ensure that you can achieve your back to work aims and protect your stakeholders from day 1.

2020 Year in Review

2020 was not an easy year but at JR&Co we are tremendously proud of all the work our teams delivered throughout the pandemic. Our cleaners, managers and our head office centres of excellence never gave up and worked incessantly to ensure our clients were safe and secure.

Electrostatic ESpray Disinfecting at Bird & Bird LLP

Our cleaning teams at Bird & Bird LLP on Fetter Lane are equipped with electrostatic ESpray machines meaning they can disinfect and sanitise quickly and efficiently during the day. This has given our client and their employees peace of mind that they are working a safe, COVID-19 secure space.

Julius Rutherfoord introduces touchless on-site registration

At Julius Rutherfoord & Co (JR&Co) all our systems are designed to keep our clients, and their premises, secure and we’re pleased to announce our on-site registration procedures are now touchless.

We have upgraded our technology so that users do not have to touch any devices and can simply look into the camera for 10 seconds to register their attendance, keeping them COVID secure.

Still delivering Secure Commercial Cleaning

Never has there been a time where Secure Commercial Cleaning® is more necessary and vital to a firm’s future. Therefore, our specialist Clorox 360 Sanitisation Team have been expertly trained to help protect our client’s space’s and have been continuously since the outbreak began.

The Clorox 360 system is a new, innovative measure we can provide to safely sanitise your space. Clorox 360 is an electrostatic spraying machine which is proven to kill over 44 strains of bacteria in just 2 minutes.

The electrostatic technology means every vapour molecule has an electric charge. This means the vapour sticks to every surface with a force greater than gravity ensuring complete surface coverage. Particularly suited to the cleaning of germ hot spots and touch points such as door handles and push plates.

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JR&Co Planetmark Certification Workshop

JR&Co were presented the Planet Mark accreditation at our head office in Battersea in December 2019. This short video gives a brief overview of why we're passionate about making a difference in The Decade of Change.

The Julius Rutherfoord Home

Julius Rutherfoord & Co are proud to support and fund the Julius Rutherfoord Home for girls in Pamaru, India. Our vital assistance means that many young girls are protected from modern slavery and human trafficking.

Tour of the Julius Rutherfoord Home!

The girls at the Julius Rutherfoord Home show us what our support and funding has done!

Groundbreaking ceremony in Pamaru, India

The Groundbreaking ceremony is a tradition in many cultures that celebrates the first day of construction for a building, here you can see the girls taking part.

A Meticulous Approach to Security: Legality of the Workforce

JR&Co are the secure commercial cleaning® experts. Our meticulous security vetting systems mean our clients are secure in the knowledge that we can ensure a 100% legal workforce.

A Meticulous Approach to Security: On Site Vetting Systems

JR&Co are the secure commercial cleaning® experts. Our on site vetting systems mean our clients are secure in the knowledge that they know exactly who is on their site at any time, and secure in the knowledge that we can ensure a 100% legal workforce.


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