Julius Rutherfoord introduces touchless on-site registration


At Julius Rutherfoord & Co (JR&Co) all our systems are designed to keep our clients, and their premises, secure.

Our clients are secure in the knowledge that we positively identify everyone we employ, and positively identify them again whenever they enter their premises thanks to the facial recognition devices our cleaners use to register attendance every time they attend a space we clean.

We’re pleased to announce our on-site registration procedures are now touchless.

We have upgraded our technology so that users do not have to touch any devices and can simply look into the camera for 10 seconds to register their attendance, keeping them COVID secure.

For our people this means we are doing even more to keep them safe while ensuring they receive 100% accurate pay.

For our clients, this means:

  • they know exactly who is attending their premises each day and for how long (particularly helpful should they need to carry out a contact tracing exercise)
  • they know that the contracted hours are being delivered
  • they are secure in the knowledge the individual attending has been trained and vetted to JR&Co’s exacting standards

You can see our facial recognition on-site registration App; linked to our time and attendance software, in action here.