COVID-19 Latest

Having taken the lead of the “best practice” being employed in Singapore, we have just taken supply of sufficient thermometers to have one at each of the sites we are contracted to clean. These will be distributed over the next few days.

This will enable Supervisors to take the temperature of any Operative who attends with any symptoms of illness. If they do have a temperature they will be instructed to isolate and NHS 111 will be called immediately.

On a brighter note, there was a promising article on Reuters yesterday, 10/03/20, it said that, Xi arrived on the same day that Wuhan shut the last of 14 temporary hospitals that had been opened to manage a surge in coronavirus patients”.  The chart at at least gives us a timeline of when we might expect to get through COVID-19.

Whilst we need to be careful of what is official news in China, it has also made us look again at the reported stats. In China as a whole there have been 81,000 cases reported.

This number is 0.006% of the Chinese population, (or 1 person in every 16,000).

However some health experts are supposing that the actual number of cases could be as much as 10 times the reported number of cases. But even if we say that so far there have been 810,000 cases in China, and this ends up doubling to 1.62 million cases, (so now 20 times the currently reported levels), the fact is that this huge figure is 0.12% of the Chinese population, or 1 person in every 820.

We find it more difficult to believe that actual deaths have been under reported, (currently 3,130). But if we were to suppose that China ends up with four times this number of deaths, 12,520, this equates to 0.001% of the population, or 1 in 100,000.

And remember China was in total denial for the first month of outbreaks, (it is widely reported that 5 million people left Hubei province before the shutdown took place). In contrast, countries like Singapore and the UK have been on high alert and have been containing the outbreak in a much more controlled manner.

We are still preparing for the probability of massive business disruption. These will come from self-isolation measures, as well as government measures to prevent the NHS being overwhelmed, as have been taken in Italy in the past couple of days.

From a health point of view our focus is on communications and training to further reduce the risk of infection to clients and employees alike, (both being infected and infecting others), including:

  • reduce fear levels
  • improve personal hygiene
  • improve cleaning of germ hot spots and touch points
  • self-isolate if you have cold or flu like symptoms
  • understand social distancing in both public and private spheres

We remain vigilant to the daily changing situation.