JR&Co is partnering with TouchShield

2020 truly delivered unforeseen challenges. It changed the way we live and work and the ramifications of the pandemic will be with us for a considerable period of time.

JR&Co had to quickly navigate through the turbulence and adapt to the new demands of the pandemic world.

Hygiene, sanitisation standards and client expectations changed. Our teams revised their procedures and processes to deliver cleaning that ensured our clients stakeholders were always safe when on site.

Despite the challenges, we kept on delivering meticulous standards and expert cleaning services to our clients through reinvigorating touch point cleaning and tracking site movements, to minimise contamination points.

There are now reasons to be positive.

As we move out of the pandemic and colleagues begin to return to the workplace, businesses are looking at ways they can sustainably keep their environments safe.

There’s undoubtedly a greater responsibility on employers to enhance their duty of care by providing a continually safe and hygienic working environment. This is combined with employees looking for comfort in their workplace to facilitate a positive and collaborative space.

At JR&Co we are passionate about delivering high standards and we are always looking for new technologies and innovations to aid and complement our approach. We also know that it’s vitally important that our high standards are provided in a cost-effective way.

To support our teams in delivering a consistently hygienic environment, we have chosen to partner with UK manufactured TouchShield by G-Tech Paper and Film.   


TouchShield is a self-adhesive, anti-microbial protective film for surfaces that helps to slow the spread of bacteria and viruses. Being non-intrusive, TouchShield is easy to install and saves time and costs without compromising a continually hygienic environment.

This sustainable technology, combined with our expert and ecological cleaning approach, protects our clients’ sites, staff and other stakeholders and gives them confidence to return to a safe and secure workplace.  

Furthermore, when combined with JR&Co’s approach to excellence; client’s are able to benefit from outstanding standards in a highly cost effective manner.