95% Client Satisfaction across our education portfolio

At JR&Co, touchpoint cleaning has always been in our psyche - that's how we have kept the schools we clean free from norovirus outbreaks for over ten years.

Now we are using that same experience along with our outbreak control processes and procedures to keep educational spaces across London safe and secure.

Here are just a few of the lovely things the schools we clean have been saying about our teams recently:

St Anthony's Girls School, NW11 – our client since 2016
“I am extremely happy with Filipa's work ethic and the services I have received, especially during this time. I would like to nominate Filipa for a JR stars award.”

Fashion Retail Academy, W1T – our client since 2012
“Working with JR&Co is a pleasure as always, deep cleans are starting to take place, all operatives are working hard. Thank you JR&Co for all the support you’ve given us to reopen after lockdown.”

St Anthony’s Prep School, NW3 – our client since 2013
“I would like to nominate the whole team for their ongoing hard work and attention to detail. The team are always available when needed. I am very happy with JR&Co’s services, especially during the pandemic.”

Ursuline High School, SW20 – our client since 2009
“We are very happy with Sue and the team and the information and training JR&Co have given staff  about the best practices of cleaning during a pandemic. We are so happy that we will eb sharing the training videos with our own staff. It is reassuring to know JR&Co are taking all the necessary steps to work smart and safe. We would like to nominate Sue for a JR&Co Star and the maximum voucher gift for all her hard work and support.“

Ursuline Preparatory School, SW20 – our client since 2015
“Vida and Sue have been absolutely amazing with all that is going on. The management response times have been second to none.”

Tidemill Academy, SE8 – our client since 2012
"I am happy with the services and the staff. Fabian has been very helpful with updates on JR&Co’s policies and return to work information. I would like to nominate all the site staff and Fabian for JR&Co Star awards as they always go above and beyond to give the school anything they ask for."

Emanuel School, SW11 – our client since 2017
"The cleaning has been excellent and there are no issues.”

Salcombe Prep School, N14 – our client since 2017
“Beatriz has been very helpful and I would like to nominate her for a JR&Co Star Award. Beatriz is always very helpful and gets things done as quickly and efficiently as possible."

Brampton Manor School, E6 – our client since 2011
“The deep cleaning has been fantastic.”

North Bridge House Schools, NW3 – our client since 2016
“Sammy has been amazing, I would like to nominate Sammy for a JR&Co Star Award as well as Phillipa, our Account Performance Manager for her ongoing support. All of our schools are looking very clean.”

Christ Church C of E Primary School, E1 – our client since 2008
''I am very happy with the services. All works are more consistent, and the daily cleaning is very good.''

Chepstow House School, W11 – our client since 2018
“I am very happy with the deep clean and the consistency of cleaners has been amazing. The board of directors were very pleased with how the floors turned out.”

Clifton Lodge Prep School, W5 – our client since 2017
“Rose is amazing. I would like to nominate her for a JR&Co Star Award as she delivers the flexibility the school needs.”