If you are responsible for managing unique and challenging spaces in London, you will understand the necessity to partner with a cleaning company that shares your vision, ethos and approach. JR&Co are that expert partner for London’s museum and heritage sites.

High traffic levels, multiple user types, multiple service specifications, multiple service providers, rapid response requirements, security clearance levels, keeping the public safe, protecting the fabric of buildings, multiple functions and events, are all considerations that we take into account when designing, implementing and delivering our exceptionally high service standards. Designing and implementing bespoke cleaning regimes across the multitude of events we take responsibility for are also key in the success of our approach.

Our expertise in this field is down to our experience and management information systems. They allow for all of the above to be considered, with every individual in our team knowing exactly what is expected of them. We are always on hand to give support and enhance your teams’ and your visitors’ experience.

Since the cleaning of these spaces often involves our staff interacting with the general public and VIPs, we design our service to the bespoke requirements of each and every client.  Additionally, high-traffic spaces demand a rigorous approach delivered by a proactive, discreet cleaning team.

Given the monumental scale and varied nature of some of the spaces for which we provide secure commercial cleaning®, we have to be imaginative in the way that we carry out our tasks. For example, at one site we have found that the best way to transport cleaning products to where they are needed is by bicycle.