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Our focus is clear: to support facilities directors and managers in delivering a spotless and secure environment at the beginning of, and throughout,
the working day.

“I can honestly say in over 30 years of working I have never worked in an environment that is as consistently clean as it is in the ICR.  We are based in the Male Urological Building (2nd Floor) which is spotless but this continues throughout all of the buildings at the ICR.

The team are always so friendly and continuously working from early in the morning to late at night.

First impressions are so important and we have guests coming from all over the world to visit our premises so the dedication and hard work from the team allows us to show off our facilities in a positive way”.

Sarah Johnson, Head of Facilities
The Institute of Cancer Research, Fulham and Sutton

Client since 1997

“You are by far the best cleaning contractor
I have ever worked with”. 

Brian Reeves, Head of Facilities
The Design Museum, W2

Client since 2016

"I would like to say a big thank you and well done,  to yourself, Riccardo, Fernando  and your cleaning team who done a wonderful job cleaning and preparing the external areas to the Main entrance and the pavilion space in preparation for a very important visit for the university yesterday.

 The hard work you all put in over the last few days really has stood out and made a very huge impression to a number of people around the university including our Director and President. You all really went above and beyond to help and achieve such fantastic results to the appearance of all areas.

I would like to also say a separate thank you to yourself and Fernando for making such an effect, co-ordinating the cleaning works that took place in such a short amount of time and notice. Without you all,  I don’t think we would achieved the results that everyone has been commenting on."

Velecia Lubrun, Deputy Facilities Services

City, University of London

Client since 2014

"Victor, our Area Manager has been incredibly helpful and supportive since we started our service in January. He has taken the time to understand our needs, and the particular challenges of our location. He is very knowledgeable and is always available when I have a question or need help. I am looking forward to working with him as we prepare for our grand opening in the spring!"

Mitra Mohammadi Tolson, Head of Experience and Services
Corylos Ltd T/a Cromwell Place
Client since 2020

"Ana is incredibly friendly,helpful, proactive and a real joy to have in the office. She has brightened up the office in the morning with her attitude and considering the short space of time she has been with us, this is a real credit to her as an individual. The office is always clean, tidy and she gives off the impression she is keen to succeed and bring some great change here, I was even told that she can never leave our office as she is doing so well!"

Erika Larsson
Heartwood Wealth Management Ltd
Client since 2016

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