In the 30 years JR&Co have been the experts in providing secure commercial cleaning® services, we’ve learned that this profession rarely stands still. For that reason, neither do we.

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We stay at the forefront of this industry by constantly evolving. This section will bring you up to speed with all of our latest developments, including all news, features, updates, and industry analysis.

Save a Clap for Cleaners


At 8pm on Thursday’s while we all stop and applaud the nurses, carers and keyworkers working tirelessly to protect out nation please join us in saving one clap for cleaners, the unsung heroes.

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JR&Co Open for Business


The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, made a statement yesterday evening advising the public they should stay at home.




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COVID-19 Coronavirus, doing the right thing


As part of JR&Co’s commitment to keep our clients, colleagues and community involved amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, the newest information is as follows:

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COVID-19 Latest


Having taken the lead of the “best practice” being employed in Singapore, we have just taken supply of sufficient thermometers to have one at each of the sites we are contracted to clean. These will be distributed over the next few days.

This will enable Supervisors to take the temperature of any Operative who attends with any symptoms of illness. If they do have a temperature they will be instructed to isolate and NHS 111 will be called immediately.

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COV-19 Policy, Communication and Employee Instructions


COVID19 Coronavirus – JR&Co Policy, Client Communication and Basis for instructions to employees.

The Senior Management team at JR&Co are implementing their Pandemic Flu management plan in relation to COVID19 Coronavirus.

We are preparing for the eventuality that the few UK cases reported so far are precursors of many more to follow.

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COV-19 Update: Secure Commercial Cleaning


You are no doubt as aware as us about the spread of Coronavirus; single carriers are infecting multiple people they are in contact with. Reading the papers today: “Experts have warned that Britain could suffer a “major outbreak”, which is likely to become a pandemic. Peter Piot, Director of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, said that he was “increasingly alarmed” by the rapid spread of the virus.”*

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Coronavirus: Protecting our People


In recognising the “international” make up of London as a whole, ranging from tourism, conference centres and business travellers returning to their offices, we are upping the measures we are taking to keep our employees and clients safe from Coronavirus.



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Time to Talk Day


Today (6th February) marks Time to Talk Day, a day designed to impact positive change around mental health.




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Altius Assured



Julius Rutherfoord & Co are now Altius Assured! 

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Passing our NQA audit with flying colours!


Julius Rutherfoord & Co performed exceptionally well in a recent NQA Audit of our Quality Management, Environmental and Health and Safety Management systems at our Head Office in Battersea!



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