In the 30 years JR&Co have been the experts in providing secure commercial cleaning® services, we’ve learned that this profession rarely stands still. For that reason, neither do we.

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95% Client Satisfaction across our education portfolio


At JR&Co, touchpoint cleaning has always been in our psyche - that's how we have kept the schools we clean free from norovirus outbreaks for over ten years.

Now we are using that same experience along with our outbreak control processes and procedures to keep educational spaces across London safe and secure.

Here are just a few of the lovely things the schools we clean have been saying about our teams during their regular client satisfaction calls.

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Supporting The Institute of Cancer Research


JR&Co have worked with The Institute of Cancer Research since 1994 and are incredibly proud of our long term partnership; most recently in keeping their people and spaces safe throughout the ongoing pandemic. 

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Returning to a COVID19 Secure Workplace


At JR&Co we have been supporting clients across London with welcoming their employees back to the workplace and have practiced what we preach with reopening our own office. Our experience has found that the key to a successful return is creating a safe, meticulously clean space in which people are secure in the knowledge that everything is being done to keep them safe and secure.

In this article we explore why people should return to the office and give our top tips to create a meticulously clean work environment with happy, engaged and productive employees.

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Julius Rutherfoord introduces touchless on-site registration



At Julius Rutherfoord & Co all our systems are designed to keep our clients, and their premises, secure and we’re pleased to announce our on-site registration procedures are now touchless.

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Schools across London express their gratitude as the school year ends


As the school term draws to a close, our clients at the 150 educational premises we clean in and around London have expressed their gratitude to JR&Co for keeping their people and their pupils safe.

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Alpha Plus Group: Continuing to deliver a gold standard of education during COVID-19


Alpha Plus is a private education group providing a gold standard of education at 20 independent schools and colleges (19 in the UK). Back in January their senior management team were watching the progress of the Coronavirus pandemic closely and began planning for a UK outbreak; introducing measures to keep their pupils and staff safe and reduce the risk of the virus spreading.


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Back to School


Julius Rutherfoord & Co have continued to deliver secure commercial cleaning to clients like St Teresa's RC Primary School in Merton to support the children of keyworkers and now those children in early years education returning to school.

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Unsung heroes recognised



The Institute of Cancer Research has been cleaned by JR&Co for the past 26 years. We're delighted that they continue to show their appreciation for our meticulous cleaning and the support we are providing with implementing social distancing measures.

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Unsung heroes: Jose



Jose has continued to work at the Institute of Cancer Research throughout the COVID-19 crisis. He told us how much he appreciates his Manager's support and the equipment and materials he needs to perform his job expertly.

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JR&Co are still working and creating safe spaces



Against a backdrop of trepidation and uncertainty across London, Julius Rutherfoord & Co are continuing to deliver secure commercial cleaning®

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