The new normal

Against a backdrop of trepidation and uncertainty across London, Julius Rutherfoord & Co are continuing to deliver secure commercial cleaning, keeping our employees and our customers safe as we embrace the new normal.

Our pandemic preparedness procedures have meant we have actively prevented the spread of COVID-19 in the spaces we clean.

Our robust procedures have kept our employees, who are still working daily, our stakeholders and our client’s premises secure.

Our Approach

Our Approach

JR&Co's teams have been keeping premises including schools, universities, offices, research laboratories, charities, medical centres and government agencies safe and secure throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.

Our multi-pronged approach is based upon working with our client, Cushman & Wakefield's, recommendations: 

  1. Prepare the Building
  2. Prepare the Workforce
  3. Control Access
  4. Create a Social Distancing Plan
  5. Reduce Touch Points and Increase Cleaning
  6. Communicate for Confidence Management

Based upon this approach, we recommend:

  • Extensively trained hygiene stewards and supervisors to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and social-distancing compliance throughout the premises. 
  • Cutting-edge and innovative technologies, to clean, sanitise and disinfect viral hot spots and touchpoints.
  • Regular deep cleaning using efficient and effective equipment to reach into every crevice, providing a meticulous clean in the areas traditional methods cannot.
  • Appropriate PPE, hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes for employees to make them feel comfortable in their return.

Please click here to read more about our COVID-19 processes and procedures.

"I'd like to nominate William, Ann-Marie and Isaac because they have continued to come to work in very difficult circumstances with COVID-19. They have adapted the way they work and taken on additional responsibilities to ensure that White & Case core operations can continue operating in very difficult circumstances."

- Giuseppe Cocca, White & Case LLP, EC2N - 8th April 2020

Our people

Our people

One of our promises to our people is "we will keep you safe."

We have been doing just that through enhanced training, providing extensive management support and giving our employees access to a wellbeing centre to help them manage their emotional, financial and physical health.

We have been communicating with our employees and our clients since the start of 2020:

  • In January, we began daily COVID-19 Board Meetings, updated our procedures and started work on updated operating procedures.
  • In February, we introduced social distancing and our Head Office personnel were given the tools and technology to work from home and asked to do so where possible.
  • In March, we extensively communicated with our employees about keeping safe, self isolation, hand hygiene and social distancing.
  • In April, we started focusing on our return to work preparation and procedures, analysing risk assessments to put into practice when lockdown relaxes.   
  • Since then we have continually updated our people and flexed our approach in line with updated government guidance and client requirements.

Many of our clients have praised our staff through the JR&Co Stars reward scheme for being unsung heroes in these difficult times.

"Cleaning and hygiene is our first line of defence against the spread of the coronavirus and, as a cleaning services provider, we recognise that we are vital to keeping our clients open for business. 

We are extremely proud of our cleaning team, over 700 of them have continued to work throughout the pandemic enabling essential businesses and schools to continue operating.  Now we are assisting our clients with returning to work, we are offering our cleaning and hygiene expertise to redesign the cleaning service with a focus on more frequent and more visible cleaning and disinfecting to give the confidence to our clients’ staff that they are safe at their place of work."

- Chris Jarvis, CFO of Julius Rutherfoord & Co

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