Meet The Team

Our management team at JR&Co sets the standards and leads by example. They look to motivate the entire company with their passionate pursuit of commercial cleaning excellence and painstaking attention to detail.

Marcus Heap

Sales & Marketing Director

Marcus runs the Sales, Bids and Marketing teams at JR&Co and makes sure that we find clients who are looking for secure commercial cleaning

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Chris Parkes

Operations Director

Chris is responsible for the operational activities of JR&Co. He will oversee your contract at the highest level.

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Virginia Schuldt

Head of Customer Services

Virginia manages the team responsible for delivering fantastic customer service to each and every one of our clients.

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Tyrone Winn

Financial Controller

Tyrone is responsible for ensuring everything from invoicing to paying your cleaners is done accurately and on time.

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Altaf Zafar

IT Manager

Altaf’s role is to constantly develop and maintain our IT infrastructure and ensure all systems run continuously maintaining business functionality 24/7.

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Stephen Bannister

Commercial Manager

Business retention, pricing and estimating specialist.

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Raquel Calero

Account Performance Manager

As an Account performance Manager, I am responsible for all our client’s needs, ensuring the support and services they require are dealt with in an efficient and timely manner.

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