JR & Co-Stars

JR & Co-Stars is our staff awards programme designed so our customers can nominate our employees for special recognition when they deliver outstanding service, either as an individual or as a team. It’s a popular programme that actively encourages all of our staff to go above and beyond in their pursuit of first-class customer service. If you feel you’ve received excellent service from our staff, why not nominate a person or a team?

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JR & Co-Stars



School, London

Always helpful and going the extra mile. Last minute request from client to provide 2 operatives within 3 hours due to site check on next day, sorted.



Charity, Central London

The Workplace Services team would like to nominate Patricia for this award. She has provided day time cleaning services to us for sometime but since September she has been our fulltime day cleaner. Since becoming the full-time day cleaner, standards have greatly improved. Rarely do you see any of our 4 kitchens in a mess this is because she works extremely hard to ensure kitchens are kept clean and presentable. The main kitchen which can be used by over 100 people at any given lunch time remains clean and tidy after lunchtimes and even after large events. She is extremely proactive and is generally aware of issues before they are flagged to our team. She ensures refreshments supplies remain fully stocked and ensures fresh coffee is available for staff at the agreed times. On a daily basis she reports to the team to see if there's anything we need her to focus her attention on and always advises us if stocks are running low. We really value this communication and the commitment and speed at which she works. She rarely stops and can always be spotted either scrubbing a surface clean, loading the dishwasher, topping up the toiletries or removing dreaded coffee stains from the carpet, always with a smile on her face. In addition to her high standards and her dedication to the site she is an upbeat and cheerful person and we are delighted to have her as part of our team. 



Beatriz, JR&Co Area Manager

On Monday 13th November, I had a start up contract. We were unloading the van with equipment. Client approach us saying that they had a Governors meeting at 17.00 hours and we could not make any noise around the area where our cleaning cupboard was. We had 20 minutes to unpack everything and clean 2 rooms and a corridor. Paul help me tidying up equipment and he grabbed a vacuum and clean one of the rooms. Without his help we would not been able to do this.


Domingos And His Cleaning Team

University, Central London

I would like to nominate Domingos and his cleaning team for the incredible work they do, ensuring that CitySport is clean and presentable. CitySport is a busy university gym, open to students, staff, alumni and the local community. Our operational hours are long and customer usage high, which means his team of cleaners will work through the night, cleaning showers, changing rooms, toilet facilities, gym areas, as well as our office space. Domingos works hard at organising deep cleans on a regular basis and if we run low on stock he is quick to respond, sometimes even delivering essential items to the sport centre personally so that we can continue to operate smoothly. His team always deliver exceptional standards and they all play an important part in helping us provide good customer service. Our customers often comment on how clean our facility is and as a manager I believe we must give credit where credit is due and that is with our team of cleaners.
Teams that work behind the scenes are often unsung heroes so I would like to nominate them for this reason and applaud them for all that they do. Thank You!



JR&Co Contract Manager

The Head teacher absolutely delighted with the level of works carried out over the summer



Embassy, London

Extremely passionate and great at his job, without Joaquim here, I don't think we would have the service we do and the whole transition of taking on the cleaning contract would not have been so smooth



Estate Management Company, London

Pedro's customer service is excellent and he is always very good in his interactions with the residents and within his own team.



UNESCO World Heritage Site, London

Peggy joined us as Morning and Weekend Supervisor mainly.
She has showed in a short period commitment and passion for what she does.

She cares about giving 100% at all times, looks for the solutions and never gets stuck.
Has proven to be an excellent team leader and managing weekends /events and team in a great manner.