What We Clean

At JR&Co, our goal is simple; we want to support facilities directors and managers in delivering a spotless and secure environment at the beginning of, and throughout, the working day.

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What We Offer

What We Offer

Our tight geographical focus means that we can offer a responsive service backed up by the close proximity to our head office resources (located in Battersea, in the heart of London).

We offer every kind of cleaning expertise – from marble floors to towering windows, from Grade I Listed buildings to laboratories, from museums to offices and schools. We even make sure that 0% of your site’s waste goes to landfill, but is instead recycled or incinerated to produce electricity.

Our emphasis on security and technology lets us clean demanding sectors with complete confidence, including finance, tech, legal, healthcare and education.

Broadly speaking, we divide premises into two categories: commercial spaces and public/private spaces. Each demands its own specific approach, so whatever our clients’ needs, their cleaning specification is bespoke, built up from the requirements of their particular sites, accredited by BSI, the UK national standards body and conforms to ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems and OHSAS 18001: Occupational Health and Safety Management.

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Our 54,000 sq metre estate is comprised of 40 buildings, many of which are listed - since your appointment cleaning standards have significantly improved – it has also generated a cost saving over the previous cleaning contractor!

The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple - Client Since 2012

Commercial spaces

Our priority in commercial spaces is to offer unobtrusive, expert cleaning that causes no disruption to staff, can effectively handle cleaning emergencies (during the working day if needed), and does not compromise building or commercial security.

I would like to let you know that our senior managers are very pleased with the marked improvement in standards recently and we are extremely happy with Natalia who has worked very hard to achieve this.

The Serious Fraud Office - Client Since 2017

Our expert approach

Our commercial space approach is optimised for office space and similar uses, which includes everything from server rooms to meeting rooms to kitchen facilities and washrooms. Our service can be provided at any time of day or night including high profile assistants, attendants, porters and cleaners throughout the day.

We provide exceptional cleaning standards to any office environment, no matter how unusual (we clean offices with astroturf floors, slides, & scrum walls). Our healthy workplace initiative will improve the health and well-being of your staff, and our recycling services will improve your organisation’s sustainability rating.

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It is always a pleasure working with you as I know if a job needs to get done, I only have to ask once. (and to be honest sometimes I don’t even have to ask)

Europa Capital - Client Since 2016

Your dedication and eye for detail has improved the environment significantly for everyone who works and studies here. We are very grateful.

University College of Osteopathy - Client Since 2013

Our meticulous approach

Our meticulous approach

Since the cleaning of these spaces often involves our staff interacting with the general public, VIPs, high net worth individuals and children, we design our service to the bespoke requirements of each and every client to deliver the quality, safety, respect and welfare each individual and building deserves.

High-traffic spaces demand a rigorous approach. As well as secure, unobtrusive cleaning at low-traffic times, we need to ensure that we can keep up with cleaning needs as hundreds or even thousands of people use the spaces, and that 24/7 emergency cleaning support is quickly available.

Given the monumental scale and varied nature of some of the spaces for which we provide secure commercial cleaning®, we have to be imaginative in the way that we carry out our tasks. For example, at one site we have found that the best way to transport cleaning products to where they are needed is by bicycle.

Meet Our Team

We find that all Julius Rutherfoord personnel are very responsive, always polite, well presented and punctual. Nothing is too much trouble for them and their ‘hands-on’ approach and is second to none

West Thames College - Client Since 2009

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