When the Well is Dry, We Will Know the Worth of Water

At JR&Co we are well aware of how important it is for us and our clients to conserve our most precious commodity; that’s why we are constantly looking for ways of reducing water consumption while contributing to making fresh, clean water available to those less fortunate than ourselves.

  • We have donated to WaterAid for over 7 years
  • We use mopping systems on our client’s premises with built in water saving around 20,000 buckets of water per year
  • We train our operatives constantly to report leaks, turn taps off and in the right amount of water to be used
  • We partner with companies like Everything Water to introduce innovations such as smart tap devices to reduce water flow, saving water and money for our clients

Furthermore we make sure that our operations are not polluting our oceans by using microfibre clothes that are proven not to release microplastics and cleaning materials that are biodegradable and unregulated under COSHH.

But we won’t stop there; our innovation committee exist to create social value and ensure we carry out our operations in a sustainable manner and they are always looking for new ways of improving and saving.