Welcoming Back Four Merton High Schools

Julius Rutherfoord & Co (JR&Co) are proud to welcome back Rutlish High School, Ricards Lodge High School, Raynes Park High and Harris Academy Morden in partnership with our client Sodexo.

JR&Co had been the successful cleaning contractor at these schools from 2010 to 2015. In 2015 we were undercut by a competitor and so lost the tender process. The competitor then failed to deliver so had their contract ended early by the client who asked JR&Co to take over. Needless to say the premises were in a terrible state and the staffing was unreliable to put it mildly. It is a testament to the thoroughness of our mobilisation process and team that they were successfully able to mobilise in a very short period.

“Having recently formed a new working relationship with JR&Co involving 70 staff, providing cleaning services across 4 large secondary schools, we would certainly point to JR’s robust Implementation Plan in assessing success. The mobilisation team demonstrated highly effective and positive partnership working, whilst also achieving positive outcomes for service delivery under time pressure.“

Emma Longmate, Sodexo, Contract Director, Government Schools - Harris Academy Morden, Ricards Lodge, Raynes Park and Rutlish High School in Merton