Training to Exceed Expectations

No matter how much experience an organisation and its staff have, there is always room to learn more. Very few elements of business activity remain static in the modern commercial environment, and we know how important it is to our clients that we provide ongoing expert service.

Clear benefits for our clients

Companies with innovative learning and development (L&D) programmes are retaining staff for longer and are more successful, according to The UK L&D Report 2018 which researched and analysed more than 100 companies.

We’re passionate about managing and supporting our staff with ongoing training because we take great pride in providing exceptional standards for our exacting clients. In fact we’re proud to have won a number of industry awards for our commitment to, and investment in training. We value our workforce and their expertise and our secure commercial cleaning®  vision shows we recognise that training is vital to the safety and security of our staff and our clients.

Safe and secure

Commercial cleaning requires skills that must be taught through training. Not least for consideration are health and safety procedures surrounding the correct use of equipment, and the proper technical knowledge connecting cleaning with good hygiene.

Our focus on professionalism means we invest in training across the board, from apprentices to directors. The content addresses not only techniques, but technology, teamwork, health, safety and environment, employment law, management skills and effective communication.

A clear pathway

Building skills starts with induction at our British Institute of Cleaning Science-accredited Training Academy, located in the heart of our Tramshed HQ in Battersea. Training then continues at regular intervals throughout people’s career with us.

Our five promises that we make to our staff include three that have a direct link to training. These are:

We help our staff develop
Every member of staff is given thorough training throughout their time with us in order to progress. Our Career Path to Success shows them how to do that, and we support them with training along the way.

We keep our staff safe.
We do everything we can to ensure that our people work in a safe physical and social environment, including dedicated health and safety training programmes.

We give our staff the right tools for the job.
We provide the best cleaning equipment and materials and ensure regular training and clear processes to follow in all situations, from cleaning to interacting with clients.

People have various reasons for working in the industry, and different aspirations for what they hope to get out of it. Many of our area managers began their career with JR&Co as a cleaner and have risen through the ranks.

Celebrating diversity

We recognise that we have a diverse workforce, for many of whom English is a second language. We aim to make all of our communications with our team relevant, accessible and versatile. Everything from training and weekly visits by area managers, to our monthly email communications, are delivered in multiple languages to ensure maximum impact and understanding.

Tailored approach

We also provide tailored ‘cultural training’ days on new contracts so that our cleaning operatives quickly feel a part of the client team. For instance, our operations director worked with the facilities manager of the Design Museum to deliver training on its company culture. This has helped our operatives understand its business, culture and how they can deliver the best cleaning service possible. There is no one size fits all approach to learning and development, and we ensure each member of our team receives the right level of training for the job we are asking them to do as well as specific continuous training related to individual client needs.