The partnership approach

Multifaceted soft-FM contracts with large, discerning clients are becoming increasingly central to our business here at Julius Rutherfoord & Co, and we are proud to be raising the bar in terms of what a true partnership approach looks like.

We have grown a lot since we started contract cleaning for our first client in 1990, and believe our dedication and meticulous approach to each job has helped us partner with high-profile clients representing some of London’s most iconic sites, including Kew Gardens, the Supreme Court of the UK, Battersea Power Station and the Design Museum.

As well as working with new partners, we are also proud to enjoy a high rate of repeat business, including contracts with Merton Schools and Inner Temple law chambers.

Raising the bar

We know what it takes to deliver soft-FM contracts for discerning clients, and we stand for something beyond the normal claims of other outsourcing companies. The facilities managers that we work with are the unsung heroes of London – working in the background to ensure their sites are fit-for-purpose, hygienic, in good maintenance and fully secure for the day ahead.

Our award-winning cleaning and maintenance teams must be reliable, high-quality professionals who deliver on our promises in an expert, adaptable and pre-emptive way.  This passionate approach means we’re not afraid of technology, and have developed bespoke systems to help us dedicate more time and resource to personal, face-to-face meetings with our clients.

For instance, our celebrated iPad-based contract management app provides our clients with 24-hour real-time access to reporting, including e-mail alerts that can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Living up to what we promise

It’s not enough to say we provide a service. We are also meticulous about doing what we said we were going to do, and achieving results that make a difference to our clients. For instance, through our laser-targeted approach to cleaning schools, we have proven that our methods have prevented infections from spreading, and helped reduce sick days.

Why do we bother? Because we strive to be an asset to our clients, and have a genuine desire to raise standards for best practice in the cleaning and FM industry.