The Julius Rutherfoord Home

As part of Julius Rutherfoord’s birthday celebrations we are pleased to announce that we donated £30,000 to charity. The money will be used to build a new orphanage in Pamuru, India.

The Julius Rutherfoord Home will provide permanent, safe, secure and loving care to between 16 and 22 girls aged between 5 and 18 years who have lost their parents and have no-one else to care for them.  All the girls will receive individualised long-term care, with love and care to support their emotional, physical and mental development so that they have a safe and secure childhood and the foundations for a fulfilling future.

The Right Now Foundation believes that every child has the right to a safe and secure childhood. Children should have the chance to develop, learn, and grow up in a loving home. However, not all children get these chances. In India life for many children is distressingly hard. Death of their parents, poverty, illness, abuse and neglect puts children in terrible and dangerous situations. They face their childhood living on the street, forced into prostitution, or at risk of further abuse. Unable to ignore the terrible suffering that these children were facing, founders Alex Thistlethwayte and Stewart Botting established the Right Now Foundation in 2007 to try and give these vulnerable children in desperate need a different future. The aim of the charity was to find a way to bring hope and security to these young people, and over the last ten years they have helped hundreds of children escape a life of destitution. The charity has grown substantially since its inception and currently the Right Now Foundation works across three states in Southern India and has sixteen children’s homes across Tamil Nadu, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh supporting a range of children including those infected with HIV.

Our donation will give this group of girls a home for life.

View a brief video below