The difference we have made at the Crown and Manor Club

On the 11th of March JR&Co began providing cleaning services at The Crown and Manor Club in Hackney.

We are committed to investing in the communities in which we work so were delighted with the feedback we received from them on the 20th of June:

“We are a boys club in Hackney that combines Sport with education, our goal is to educate and prepare the young people that come to the club for the future and help give them the best possible start. The everyday cleaning of the club is very important, the work that Julius Rutherfoord & Co does every day can be seen in our classroom where the members can concentrate fully on their academic work in a clean and safe environment. Our full size basketball/sports hall is cleaned daily to ensure the young people and staff are working in a clean and safe environment. Julius Rutherfoord & Co also clean our changing rooms and toilets everyday this allows for the young people in the club to feel comfortable getting changed in the changing rooms and leaving their things on the floor while they do their activity.”