From Part Time Staffing Administrator to Customer Experience Director

Virginia, JR&Co's Customer Experience Director embodies our values of personal, passionate, meticulous and expert. Virginia joined us 7 years ago as a Staffing Administrator. Since then she has progressed through the company, working within several departments before taking the lead on making sure we delight our customers day in, day out. 

When Virginia joined, our team was smaller and each department was different.  Virginia worked hard and gained experience  in a number  of departments ranging from IT to Customer Service.  Her experience and knowledge combined with her energy and enthusiasm (and her pink hair!) means she is an extremely valued member of our team.

Virginia is highly approachable and is the ‘go to’ person for many members of staff. She is regularly described as a helpful colleague who can always answer your questions. When asked why she had stayed with JR&Co for so long,  Virginia said "working with really nice people, being part of the team and the opportunities offered by JR&Co made the decision to stay at JR easy."

At JR&Co we are proud that our staff retention rate is three times higher than the industry average. Having loyal and committed employees, who feel part of the JR&Co family is hugely important to us and highly beneficial for our clients.

At JR&Co creating a family of loyal, long-term employees comes from giving our people the tools, training and development opportunities to further their careers with us. In a recent survey, the majority of our staff said that they had a clear path for career enhancement and over 75% said that they planned to stay with us for at least 2 years.