Recycling Week

We’re worth it!

‘Recycling – It’s Worth It!’ is the message being shared for Recycle Week (25 September – 1 October), the annual UK-wide campaign encouraging people to recycle and celebrate success. Initiatives like this show how everyone can do their bit to recycle as much as they can. We passionately believe in working with our clients to implement green initiatives, including recycling and using innovative, chemical-free cleaning methods.

Recycling more saves scarce resources and helps protects the planet and at the same time, working more efficiently - for instance by using less water and electricity also saves the client money. Sustainability is a major focus for our company and, at the same time, our clients expect us to be able to help them further their own environmental goals. To help demonstrate the benefits of being eco-friendly, we’ll be speaking at the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit in Paris this coming November. Our Operations Director, Chris Parkes will be talking about ‘Sustainability in the professional cleaning sector’, and how this benefits our clients, on day one of the conference which takes place from 8-9 November.

Setting the standard

A true sustainable outsourcing partner should be able to demonstrate its green credentials in an authentic, open and measurable way and champion best practice. Simple measures like an energy-saving office design at the Tramshed, our Battersea home – from LED lights, low-flow toilets and segregated recycling bins, to a solar panelled roof all demonstrate our own commitment to sustainability.

In a year, we recycle 105kg of material, saving over 152 tonnes of COand we have a 0% waste to landfill policy. We also use the latest in fleet management software to monitor all our vehicles, so we can optimize routing and monitor location, mileage and speed.

One of the most impactful innovations that we have brought to our clients recently is our award-winning contract management app, the many benefits and efficiencies this has brought include an increase of 11% in our company recycling rates and a reduced need for time consuming paperwork, meaning less time in the office for our Area Managers and more time spent supporting our clients.

We also hold internationally-recognised environmental accreditations including ISO 4001 and Carbon Smart certification, so our clients are secure in the knowledge that we aren’t just paying lip service to being environmentally friendly.

Environmentally equipped

Our clients expect us to deliver innovations that are not only sustainable, but improve the efficiency of our cleaning service too. For example, we use pulse mopping systems which clean more efficiently than traditional mops. Using microfibre and reservoir windows, these light-weight, user-controlled systems release pre-determined amounts of cleaning product and water, meaning no wasteful trips to refill buckets with water. We also use the InnuScience  biotechnology range of professional cleaning products which provide superior performance by using fungi or bacteria most effective at tackling specific material, such as fat or oil, which means the clean is more thorough. Whilst being cost-effective, safe, and responsible to the environment.

Meanwhile our grounds maintenance teams use organic pest control options, such as companion planting to discourage harmful pests, and encouraging wildlife that will control garden pests naturally and boost the ecosystem.

So what’s stopping you?

There are not many procedures that are the same today as they were decades ago.  Advancements in machinery, products and technologies mean that more can be reused and recycled and environmentally friendly methods can be used in every business sector, whilst maintaining the highest standards of cleaning and facilities management. Make sure you’re doing your bit to recycle, whether at home or work and let’s all show we’re worth it!