Our latest guide provides invaluable insight into expert management of people and places

Exceptional service is crucial to any organisation and should be the primary focus of any outsourcing relationship, underpinned by expert management of the contract delivery. We work hard to raise professional standards and deliver best practice in the cleaning and FM industry. That’s why we’ve created a guide to expert management, so that our clients and prospects can be secure in the knowledge that we understand their needs and are focused on providing service excellence.

Delivery of exceptional standards starts from the top of the provider’s organisation. Expert management is essential to create and share the customer care vision. Our own ethos of providing secure commercial cleaning® for clients, and keeping people and places safe would stand for nothing if senior managers didn’t uphold our values of being Personal, Passionate, Expert and Meticulous. Our values need to be demonstrated and shared through our behaviours with all members of our team, as well as our customers.

Making management supervision a culture of habit

Expert management is essential to help build a strong team. In fact, research indicates effective line management is the most frequently cited driver of employee engagement (by 64%). More than four in five respondents (83%) highlight increased productivity and performance as a benefit of an engaged workforce.

Working smoothly with clients

During the quotation stage, careful consideration must be given to how the contract will work, drawing upon tried and tested processes. The management approach should be bespoke to the organisation and client needs must be carefully researched, as every space is unique and requires a specific approach.

Once we have been awarded a contract, our first step is to set up a bespoke mobilisation plan. Led by a dedicated project manager, this puts everything in place to ensure the contract runs smoothly. The contractor’s staff, systems and technology should all be focused on ensuring an organisation is in safe hands.

Motivating and nurturing talent

Successful service provision will only be achieved if the provider has a team of motivated employees, who will be productive, enthusiastic and perform their duties to an exceptionally high standard. Managers must nurture skills, develop talent and inspire results.

We are dedicated to the well-being of our diverse workforce and our managers nurture skills, develop talent and inspire results. Our provision of continuous training and support for the London Living Wage means we are able to recruit passionate staff who will be with us for the long term because they know we invest in their learning and pay a fair wage.

To determine whether your outsourcing relationship with your suppliers is based on effective management supervision and standards our guide incorporates a check-list for how they will work with you.

For more expert tips download the guide now: https://www.juliusrutherfoord.co.uk/management-supervision