Investing in Innovation

Investing in Innovation

This year, the recently launched Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (previously BIFM) has introduced a new category to its annual awards – for ‘Innovation in Supplier Relationships.’ The award aims to “recognise truly collaborative business relationships and working practices as business models evolve”. 

We know the importance that facilities managers place on ensuring workplaces are the very best they can be, and that they value service providers who have a similar mind-set.

Very few elements of business activity remain static in the modern commercial environment, and operating in new and innovative ways is a continuous challenge for most organisations. Any service provision, including contract cleaning, must be adaptable and pre-emptive to reflect this.

We meticulously research and assess client needs and ensure we have a thorough understanding of their market and values. We start this process during the quotation stage, when careful consideration is given to how the contract will work, drawing upon tried and tested internal processes. Each tender is bespoke to the organisation and client needs are carefully researched, as every space is unique and requires a specific approach. Then we use our service monitoring procedures and innovation committee to deliver continuous improvement and trial the very latest technology throughout the duration of our contracts.

As an example, we know how important it is to our clients that their buildings and the people within in it are kept safe and secure. Our security vetting systems are designed to give our clients peace of mind that everyone we employ has been positively identified, both at the recruitment stage and whenever they enter a client’s premises.

Expert management

Our managers are focused on working in partnership with our clients to help solve their challenges, driving a culture of innovation, and have the leadership qualities to grow the most effective team to deliver our vision of secure commercial cleaning® excellence. We are dedicated to the well-being of our diverse workforce and our managers nurture skills, develop talent and inspire results.

Our secure, award-winning tablet-based contract management app is used for every aspect of managing our sites, from quality audits and onsite training, to HR queries and health and safety audits. Our digital performance tracking helps our clients and our team communicate, measure and manage in real time. This means our area managers can spend less time in the office, and more time on site, supporting our cleaning operatives, meeting our clients face-to-face, and delivering the personal service that they deserve.

Professional standards

Our provision of continuous training and support for the London Living Wage means we are able to recruit passionate staff who will be with us for the long term. We always pay above the National Living Wage, as this completely changes the cleaner-employer relationship to one where an individual can take or leave a minimum wage job to one where an employee feels valued and is motivated to go the extra mile for clients delivering higher satisfaction, higher standards and higher retention.

Our staff awards programme, JR & Co-Stars, helps to motivate our employees by recognising them when customers say they’ve received meticulous and expert service.

We are proud to be trailblazers for innovation in the cleaning sector. Our clients are also committed to continuously improving their working practices. In this respect, we work in partnership with our clients and will actively shape the technology we use around their feedback, to achieve the highest quality standards of cleaning and customer service.