Introducing our free guide: A Secure Approach to Workplace Sustainability

The importance of taking green actions and minimising the amount of materials that end up in landfill or polluting our oceans has been stimulated by recent media coverage. From our experience of providing professional cleaning services to some of the most prestigious organisations across London, we recognise that they care about their impact on the environment and that sustainable thinking is fundamental to their business.

Sustainability is also central to our own business model. Our achievement of the Carbon Smart Gold Standard at the start of June 2018 is testament to this. Carbon Smart status certifies the practical actions we have taken to actively reduce our environmental impact. It clearly demonstrates our commitment to customers, staff & suppliers. We believe that a healthy environment is essential to keep people and places safe and secure.  It’s for this reason that we’ve produced a free best practice sustainability guide, which highlights both the challenges and opportunities for the green transformation of businesses.

We meticulously work in partnership with our clients to implement green initiatives, including recycling and using innovative, chemical-free cleaning methods. Our guide highlights practical, green measures and includes a checklist for how businesses can reduce their environmental impact.

A meaningful approach

Implementing green initiatives can have a big impact on a company’s safety standards, security, well-being and productivity. Cost savings can be realised from using resources such as packaging, power supply, furniture and fittings more efficiently and sustainably

An intelligent and flexible approach to sustainability is important as each facility is unique and will have different environmental priorities, in addition to other business requirements. Meaningful green measures should be relevant to a client site, working environment and culture.

For example, conservation is central to our client, The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, so we’ve introduced bicycles with trailers for our on-site cleaning team, to help reduce vehicle usage.

Our clients expect us to deliver innovations that are not only sustainable, but improve the efficiency of our cleaning provision too.  For example, we use pulse mopping systems which clean more square feet in less time. Using microfibre and reservoir windows, these light-weight, user-controlled systems release pre-determined amounts of cleaning product. We also use the Innuscience biotechnology range of professional cleaning products which provide superior performance whilst being cost-effective, safe, and environmentally responsible.

Our recommendations in the guide are based on almost thirty years’ experience working in partnership with our clients to implement sustainable measures. We’re passionate about working with our clients to help them reach sustainability goals and champion best practice to help protect people and the environment.

For more expert tips download the guide now: