Innovation in sustainable cleaning

Sustainability and environmental protection are central to our business model. Whether it’s environmentally-friendly cleaning products, or the way in which we implement a service, we’re always searching for new and better solutions to improve industry standards and reduce the impact of the cleaning industry on the world around us.

For instance, we are passionate about keeping London spick and span, not adding to the pollution! In fact, we take measures to prevent any surface, underground or atmospheric pollution resulting from our activities. And we carefully select suppliers who think the same way.

Award-winning innovation

We were delighted that one of our suppliers – Unger – was honoured with an innovation award at this year’s Cleaning Show Awards for its Stingray Indoor Cleaning System. This product offers fast and efficient cleaning that uses 39% less chemicals than a conventional sprayer and cloth method. It also boasts comprehensive safety features that minimise hassle, trip and spillage risks when window cleaning.

Unger champions pure water cleaning systems; technology which Julius Rutherfoord also advocates. Pure water has had all impurities such as minerals removed through processes including deionisation and reverse osmosis, and as a result does not leave streaks on windows.

Windows can be cleaned with pure water in just one step, without the need for further scrubbing or drying, and it is a completely chemical-free clean. Read more about pure water systems in this interesting article, which also features a video clip.

Greener products

As well as pure water systems, our cleaning operatives use a range of greener products, including microfibre cloths and diamond encrusted cleaning pads which reduce or even eliminate the need to use chemicals for cleaning. Our grounds maintenance teams also use organic pest control options, such as companion planting to discourage harmful pests, and encouraging wildlife that will control garden pests naturally and boost the ecosystem.

We also work with our clients to implement environmental initiatives, including recycling/waste management solutions and innovative chemical-free cleaning methods. Here are some other highlights of our sustainability strategy:

  • We are 0% waste to landfill and proud! In one year, we recycle 105kg of material, saving over 152 tonnes of CO2.
  • Our environmental management system is accredited to ISO14001 and we are Carbon Gold certificated.
  • The CSSA honoured our time and resource-saving Cleaning Management App with the 2017 Contract Innovation Award.
  • Julius Rutherfoord is a registered upper tier waste carrier
  • We were highly commended in the Best Green Business category for the Wandsworth Business Awards
  • The roof on our Battersea home is covered with solar panels that produce over 9,000kWH of renewable electricity a year
  • Our Battersea home also boasts a glass atrium roof, which reduces the amount of energy we use for lighting
  • Our fleet management system monitors all our vehicles, when they are out and about, so we can check location, mileage and speed

We recognise our responsibility for environmental protection and are committed to sustainable development, and think long-term targets are very important not just for our company but for the entire cleaning supply chain. We are part of an inter-linked network, so it is important to us that our suppliers are also pursuing sustainability goals and are setting long-term targets to reduce their overall impact on the environment.