Embracing innovation to meet exacting requirements

JR&Co Contract Management AppWe see first-hand that the facilities managers we partner with work tirelessly to overcome daily challenges, and ensure their sites are fit for purpose and run effortlessly. Issues they face include high-traffic levels, duty of care matters, managing multiple service providers, safeguarding the building and the people within it, and the arrangement of multiple functions and events to name but a few.   

To handle these challenges, the Facilities Management Business Confidence Monitor 2018 indicates that more than half of the respondents surveyed will be making investment in technology and measuring and reporting tools this year.

We recognise that our discerning clients are committed to improving their working practices in order to be the very best they can be, and that they value service providers who have a similar mind-set. We meticulously research and assess client needs, and invest in technology and innovation to meet their exacting requirements and help them overcome obstacles and unexpected emergencies.

As an example, we know how important it is to our clients that their buildings and the people within in them are kept safe and secure. All our systems and processes are designed to give our clients’ peace of mind that everyone we employ has been positively identified, both at the recruitment stage and whenever they enter a client’s premises.

We don’t cut corners at any stage, including our recruitment process. Our use of passport scanning means we stand out from the crowd and can identify and report illegal workers applying to work with us. During the initial security vetting of staff we inherit through the TUPE process, we frequently find that up to 40% of the previous contractors’ employees have fraudulent or out of date documentation. Technology enables fake passports or ID documents to be identified in seconds which means that clients can be guaranteed a 100% legal workforce. We also use biometric time and attendance monitoring systems on client sites to ensure the right personnel are where they should be at the right time.

Effective management is also important to our clients, to ensure an unobtrusive, quality, efficient, transparent service that does not compromise building security. With this in mind, we introduced an iPad-based contract management app which is used for every aspect of managing our sites from quality audits and onsite training, to HR queries and health and safety audits. Our digital performance tracking helps our clients and our team communicate, measure and manage in real time.

These are just a handful of examples of the innovative systems we have in place to benefit our clients. While some in this sector have been slow to adapt to and adopt new technologies, we never rest on our laurels and invest in and embrace innovation, both in the equipment we use and the management systems we employ. We do this because new working practices directly benefit our clients, ensuring they are provided with exceptional service.