Julius Rutherfoord Cleaning Operative
Julius Rutherfoord Cleaning Operative

Apprenticeships bid clears first hurdle for the cleaning and hygiene industry

JR&Co are delighted with the most recent news regarding the future of the cleaning and hygiene industry. The greenlight was given to the development of detailed proposals for an accredited industry-wide training programme and apprenticeship for the sector.

The British Cleaning Council reported this week that "Earlier this year, the British Cleaning Council (BCC) sponsored a Trailblazer group, comprising major companies from the sector along with supporting stakeholders, to spearhead the development of the Professional Cleaning and Hygiene Operative Apprenticeship.

The first step was for the employer group to make the case to approving body The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE) in order to get the greenlight to develop the proposal.

Since spring, the Trailblazer group has been making its case to the IfATE and in May it called for businesses in the cleaning and hygiene sector to write supporting statements. The result was over 30 endorsements when only ten were required."

BCC also noted that "The first hurdle in the process has now been successfully cleared. In the past few years, the industry has twice approached the IfATE about setting up an apprenticeship but has sadly not got past the first stage.

The hard work begins now as the next stage is for the Trailblazer group to flesh out its proposal for a training programme and apprenticeship. It hopes to put a detailed proposal to the IfATE early next year."

At JR&Co, we are looking forward to being involved in shaping the programmes as we already provide best in class training programs to our employees.

To read the full article from BCC, please click here.