Apprenticeship & training success stories

Here at Julius Rutherfoord & Co, we are delighted to offer an ongoing apprenticeship and staff training programme at our Battersea home.

We have long celebrated the positive impact that apprenticeships and traineeships have on individuals, businesses and the economy, and are very proud to have had many positive placements sharing knowledge with enthusiastic and dynamic individuals.

We wish to say a huge thank you to our most recent apprentice, Diana Barreto, who has successfully completed her Intermediate Level Apprenticeship in Business Administration. Upon completion of the apprenticeship, Diana also secured a full-time and permanent position as an HR Administrator with us.

It’s early days since the government’s apprenticeship levy kicked off, but we are excited about bringing more apprentices on board in the coming months, while upskilling our existing staff too.

We would also like to congratulate four other members of our existing team for completing their Level 3 Diplomas in Management: Nilton Perea – Advanced Level in Management; Maria Bessa – Advanced Level in Management; Manuela Rodrigues – Advanced Level in Management; and Michael Sobral – Advanced Level in Management.

Their dedicated approach shone through during their schemes, and we like to think we learnt almost as much from them as they have learnt from us.

Our training partner is Whitehat, a fantastic company that is passionate about improving and developing careers. We have four members of staff starting NVQs with us too (two from Human Resources and two from Customer Services).

By focussing on staff training and development this way, we hope our staff will not only gain skills but also grow in confidence and aspirations. Training also benefits our clients by sharpening our ability to provide even greater quality service and client interaction.

Congratulations again on the achievements of our most recent apprentice and the success of our upskilled staff – we are passionate about how worthwhile staff development is for our business and our clients, and having such responsive and engaged and apprentices and trainees is a fantastic reward.