A high-tech industry

When you think of the latest technological innovations, it’s fair to say that the cleaning industry may not be the first to spring to mind. But while others in this sector have been slow to adapt to and adopt new technologies, we are proud to be blazing the trail with our passionate approach to innovation. We do this because innovative new working practices directly benefit our clients, improving the quality, efficiency, transparency and security of our service.

While we won’t be replacing our valued cleaning operatives with a soulless robot army any time soon, we have always been early adopters of new technologies. We visit trade shows, listen to feedback and research the latest ideas in cleaning to find new, more efficient and effective ways of getting the job done to our meticulously high standards – ways that improve the working lives of our dedicated cleaning operatives, while maintaining and improving the high standards we set for our discerning clients.

For instance, our award-winning iPad-based contract management app provides our clients with 24-hour real-time access to reporting, including e-mail alerts that can be tailored to your exact requirements.

The app helps us manage our sites (including training, HR queries, health & safety audits and much more) and as well as being environmentally friendly thanks to its paperless nature, it also improves our efficiency. This means our area managers can spend less time in the office, and more time on site, meeting our clients face-to-face and delivering the personal service that we would expect ourselves.

Here are some other innovations that we champion:

  • Security Vetting is backed up by electronic passport scanning and biometric time and attendance monitoring. We have a 100% legal workforce, with the evidence to back it up. Our robust process are followed for every staff member, while our workforce is also trained to be vigilant on our clients behalf. This offers our clients piece of mind and confidence in who is accessing their facilities out of hours.
  • GPS vehicle tracking software – we have a fleet of hybrid and low emission cars and vans that we monitor through a mobile resource management system
  • Customer satisfaction monitors – an electronic device that enables us to obtain real-time feedback and opinions on the level of cleanliness at the facilities we service

These are just a handful of examples of the innovative systems we have in place to benefit our clients. When it comes to technology, the pace of change is truly amazing – the seemingly exponential advances in power and performance of each new generation of smart phone is testament to this. Change always brings challenges as well as opportunities, and we are passionate about having the latest technology at our fingertips to keep pace with the world around us.

Keeping a workplace clean and hygienic can ultimately boost the health and wellbeing of a workforce, and while the latest technology can enhance the efficiency, security and sustainability of contract cleaning, the fundamentals must be in place too. Cleaning teams must be experienced, reliable and diligent to help keep a facility fit for purpose. The best contract cleaners will use technology in combination with a personal approach to drive these basic principles forwards.