96% SiteMark Independent Audit Score at Emanuel School

When we inherited the contract at Emanuel School in Battersea productivity had dropped and stagnated over time, there was a large team of cleaners on minimum wage working at very low productivities. We increased payrates, reduced hours and headcount and significantly improved standards resulting in an outstanding independent SiteMark audit of 96%, the highest score that has been recorded against any of our competitors’ schools.

“Emanuel School were experiencing numerous quality issues with the cleaning service in 2017. Though training and supervision were considered good, staff turnover was high, so there was rarely a period of stability. Many cleaning staff were unproductive and failed to grasp the requirements of an output specification, requiring close supervision at all times.

Julius Rutherfoord and the School decided to restructure, offering fewer positions but paying a higher rate and more contractual hours. The strategy worked as we attracted higher quality, more productive staff. Staff turnover has dropped significantly and the quality of cleaning throughout the School has improved following these changes.”

Chris Wright – Estates Director