93.5% Cost Effectiveness at 40 Bank Street, Canary Wharf

Julius Rutherfoord & Co are proud to report a 93.5% cost effectiveness rating from best practice facilities management consultants i-Clean against a benchmark of 80% when they audited our services for Canary Wharf Management at 40 Bank Street.

We were also delighted at the feedback received for our Contract Manager Domingos as we are of all of our JR&Co Stars nominees:

“Since the beginning of the contract Domingos has excelled, consistently working above and beyond. It was a big responsibility in order to learn the knowledge of the building, our demands and managing a new team. Training and working with our day and night operatives we are now confident that they are working in harmony, which has had an impact in improving the quality of work. No cleaning or staff issues in the building have phased Domingos, with him always finding a way forward. Consistently looking for better ways of working, and implementing new ideas. Overseeing the contract on a daily basis, we have the assurance that this is being managed to an exceptionally high standard. Having high expectations, we can honestly say that they have been fulfilled. We look forward to continuing to work alongside Julius Rutherfoord, building on a great working relationship. And would highly recommend, feeling positive that Domingos will make every effort to ensuring we as the client are happy. Richard’s (my Senior Manager) exact words were ‘what a huge difference – great choice made’.”

Mike Shepherd- Building Manager 40 Bank Street