Why Expert Management Matters

Expert management is central to Julius Rutherfoord & Co, with our focus being to ensure that clients are secure in the knowledge that our staff, technology and systems support their success. Our award-winning cleaning and maintenance teams are reliable, high-quality professionals who deliver on our promises in an expert, adaptable and pre-emptive way.

Expert Management of People and Places

We work hard to raise professional standards and deliver best practice in the cleaning and FM industry. 

To support this, JR&Co has created a best practice guide designed to emphasise the importance of researching and understanding client needs and nurturing staff talent in order to provide exceptional standards.

The guide offers insight as to what expert management looks like, including:

  • Making management supervision a culture of habit
  • Ensuring workforce excellence through training and personal development
  • Use of technology to improve the management and transparency of service
  • Managing sites safely and securely, and protecting people and places


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