We Are Planetmark Accredited

We Are Planetmark Accredited

Julius Rutherfoord & Co have been awarded The Planet Mark certification for our commitment to sustainability and a drastic reduction in our carbon footprint. The Planet Mark aid and encourage organisations to positively transform society, the environment and the economy.

As part of our accreditation, JR&Co’s carbon footprint and environmental performance was measured by The Planet Mark. In the year 2018-19, we have contributed to 7 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and JR&Co’s total carbon footprint decreased by 10.4% per employee

Paper emissions decreased by 52.1%, water emissions by 50.1%, waste emissions by 31.1% and electricity emissions by 28.2%.

Here is what Steve Malkin, CEO & Founder of The Planet Mark Commented;

“We are delighted Julius Rutherfoord has achieved its first year’s certification to The Planet Mark and in doing so, committed to many new practices that will reduce its carbon emissions. Their longstanding commitment to their environmental consciousness is to be commended. But the team has chosen to go even further by reducing their own business carbon footprint and achieving The Planet Mark.”

The Planet Mark also measured our social value contribution to £730,274. Click here to find out more about the net social and environmental benefits that we have generated to society through our corporate and community activities.