Unsung heroes: Jose

Jose and his older son work for JR&Co at The Institute of Cancer Research, our client since 1994.

Jose thoroughly enjoys his work and since day one of the outbreak, Jose and his colleagues have been really careful and have done everything they can to avoid getting the virus.

At the very beginning they wore facemasks to commute on public transport, but soon after Jose decided to buy a car so he and his son don’t have to use public transport.

Continuing to work has made Jose feel good because he feels he can support his family and it keeps him busy. His manager has been giving him support and training and he appreciates that JR&Co have provided all the necessary cleaning materials specifically to fight the virus.

Jose told us:

“COVID-19 has brought my family even more together and strengthened the family bond, we now spend more time talking to each other and enjoying each other’s company, doing different activities.

We "transformed" our house into our restaurant, movie theatre and park so we don’t have to leave other than for travelling to work”.