Unsung heroes: Jill

This week we are celebrating another of our unsung heroes.

Jill has been working for JR&Co since February this year and is part of the cleaning team at The Royal Horticultural Society's Hyde Hall. While our Centres of Excellence are operating from home Jill and her colleagues have been continuing to work. They have been keeping Hyde Hall safe and clean for the security personnel and gardeners who are essential to protecting the environment, and making sure the public can continue to enjoy the gardens when it is safe for them to reopen. Jill has been following government advice and maintaining a safe distance with her colleagues, luckily for Jill she works with her daughter in law Noey, who also lives in the same household, meaning they can continue to travel to work together by car. Outside of work, Jill's son has been using his time to decorating their house so Jill is often pleased to get some time away when her shift starts.

When we asked our employees what more we could be doing to support them in our employee survey, Jill told us: "No I don’t think so, your emails to us are appreciated, and I'm sure if we did need anything or help of any sort, you would give your attention to whatever our concerns were and do what you could to support us. I don't feel we are forgotten or taken for granted."

Thank you Jill, Noey and your colleagues for your bravery, passion and commitment.