Supporting St Teresa's RC Primary School during COVID-19

JR&Co's role in keeping children, staff and our employees safe during COVID-19, can be summed up using the words of School Business Manager at St Teresa's RC Primary School in Merton, where we have cleaned for the last eleven years.

"We have used Julius Rutherfoord here since before I arrived in September 2014. They are one of very few old suppliers I have not changed because the service provided is exemplary from the everyday clean, to the termly deep cleans to the one off emergency cleans (a load of yoghurt on our main entrance carpet mid-morning).

I am particularly happy with the senior operations manager, Sue Parker, whom I meet termly and speak to from time to time on the phone. JR work in partnership and are always willing to go the extra mile; emptying and re-using clear recycle bags, providing emergency caretaking staff cover, moving to a night clean and carrying out the secure lock-up and alarm and arranging for window cleaning etc.

The one huge stand out for me is the good nature and happiness of the cleaners and the cleaner-supervisor; always with a smile and respectful greeting, sometimes humming or whistling. We operate a communications book system in the staff room where colleagues can register any issues. This is checked by the supervisor each evening and a reply note left. Rarely do we get more than a few comments per term and even more rarely is the same issue repeated.

Just recently, they gave leadership to a comprehensive cleaning response for Coronavirus mitigation and on 09/03/2020 published their ongoing touchpoint cleaning programme along with an escalation route if an infection is suspected. I’m not sure many organisations were that far ahead of the curve and I recall that many people did not yet believe in the pandemic.

I have expanded my use of JR by taking on a supply caretaker from them and, just this week, a day cleaner for Corona risk mitigation who does three circuits daily of the school cleaning touchpoints in all areas.

In summary, a company committed to excellence who share our values and goals."