New Sitemark Audit, Sunbury Court.

Sunbury Court is the Salvation Army's Conference Centre. Dating back to the 18th century, situated in Sunbury on Thames, TW1.

In recent years, it has been fully restored in keeping with it's grade two listing. Conferences and retreats are held for Salvation Amy members from around the world, demanding high-standards from the Julius Rutherfoord & Co (JR&Co) team.

The contract has been with JR&Co since 2014 after the renovation, and has been audited 5 times by Sitemark , each time getting better and better. 

Sitemark is an independent benchmarking auditor that measures the operational effectiveness, Health & Safety, Human Resources, cost control and general standards of service.

This audit scored highly across all areas, four received 100%, with our efficiency being ranked at 93.3% against an industry benchmark of 80.3%, effectiveness at 96.2% compared to an 88.8% industry benchmark.

Highlights included:

"the cleaning standard, found at the time of our review, was excellent". 

"monthly reporting includes full transparency of delivered/ non-delivered hours, leavers and starters, together with a financial summary"

“staff turnover of 0%, with no new starters in the last 12 months”

To find out more about what our happy customers say about us have a look at this month’s JR & Co-stars, or to find out how we can deliver 96.2% effectiveness at your premises, get in touch.