Showing kindness in troubling times

During 2020’s Mental Health Awareness Week, Julius Rutherfoord & Co have been focusing on random acts of kindness. In these troubling times, we have been focusing on helping our clients and colleagues but it doesn’t stop there. We have also been showing our kindness further afield.

We were delighted to hear an update from the Julius Rutherfoord Home how they are coping with the uncertainties caused by COVID-19. This is an orphanage in Pamaru, India which is being built when we donated £30,000 to the Right Now Foundation on our 25th Birthday.

Our funding has meant that the girls, aged between 5 and 18, are all doing well and there have been no outbreaks. All children have masks, sanitisers and fully understand how to keep themselves safe through social distancing and hand washing. They are continuing to learn and play and are keeping themselves busy in their strange new life under lockdown.

This news is in sharp contrast to the surrounding state of Andhra Pradesh where there have been 2,282 cases and 50 deaths. Therefore, we are incredibly grateful that JR&Co’s act of kindness has saved the lives of these girls who have lost their parents and have no-one else to care for them:

“Julius Rutherfoord’s support to the home has been amazing, your kindness to the girls means that when life returns to some kind of normality the home will provide a place of safety and security for vulnerable girls for the future. The situation for these children remains precarious and the lockdown in India has highlighted just how vulnerable children in India are. Your support and kindness in reaching out to support these children will make a real and lasting difference to their future.”
Jenny Harris, Chief Executive Officer, The Right Now Foundation – 19th May 2020