Save a Clap for Cleaners

In these completely unprecedented times we at JR&Co are completely in awe of the NHS and all of the keyworkers and volunteers working so hard to keep the country safe.

As essential workers many of our cleaners continue to clean and are vital in keeping our client’s operations running safely. Many of our clients have been praising our cleaning teams and managers for their bravery and continued passion and expertise throughout the crisis:

“They have been brilliant during the current crisis we find ourselves in. Nothing has ever been too much trouble for John to arrange.”

Gaye Spencer-King, Temple Garden Chambers, 07/04/2020

“I'd like to nominate William, Ann-Marie and Isaac because they have continued to come to work in very difficult circumstances with Covid 19. They have adapted the way they work and taken on additional responsibilities to ensure that White & Case core operations can continue operating in very difficult circumstances.”

Giuseppe Cocca, White & Case, 08/04/2020

“Despite the worldwide circumstances, the team have not made any fuss and kept everyone safe and well by being meticulous in their delivery and standards. I could not be more impressed with them than I have been, and long may this continue. Thank you, team!”

Lee McLoughlin, The Supreme Court, 07/04/2020

We understand they may be anxious and are extensively communicating with them and mentoring them; listening to their concerns and fears and ensuring they have adequate PPE.

Tomorrow at 8pm while we applaud the nurses and carers across the country we’d like to invite you to join us in saving one clap for cleaners and their role in delivering secure commercial cleaning® across London.