JR&Co are still working and creating safe spaces

Against a backdrop of trepidation and uncertainty across London, Julius Rutherfoord & Co are continuing to deliver secure commercial cleaning.®

Throughout the crisis, JR&Co have remained in service. Our teams have been keeping premises including schools, universities, offices, research laboratories, charities, care homes, medical centres and government agencies safe and secure. Our pandemic preparedness procedures have meant we have actively prevented the spread of COVID-19 in the spaces we clean. With only 5 confirmed cases of coronavirus in our workforce (0.33%) and no coronavirus outbreaks at our cleaning sites, we have proven that we have kept the 600 employees who are still working on a daily basis our staff and our client’s premises secure.

"Cleaning and hygiene is our first line of defence against the spread of the coronavirus and, as a leading cleaning services provider, we recognise that we are vital to keeping our clients open for business. We are offering our cleaning and hygiene expertise to redesign the cleaning service with a focus on more frequent and more visible cleaning and disinfecting to give the confidence to our clients’ staff that they are safe at their place of work."
- Chris Jarvis, CFO of Julius Rutherfoord & Co

When we asked our staff about our management response in our most recent survey, the 64% of staff have felt very supported by their manager during the pandemic and were impressed with the level of training they have received.

One of our unsung heroes, working at The Royal Horticultural Society’s Hyde Hall told us:

“JR&Co gives its attention to whatever our concerns are and does what it can to support us. I don’t feel like we are forgotten or taken for granted.”