Innov8 Event

On Wednesday 16th October, Julius Rutherfoord & Co (JR&Co) hosted an event at our Battersea head office showcasing innovation from our key suppliers.

JR&Co are at the forefront of rapid developments in the cleaning industry. The focus of the event was innovations that would help us exceed our client’s expectations and promote sustainability in the face of the climate change crisis.

Some of the innovations demonstrated included:

Clorox 360:

A new technological innovation used by the NHS in spray form. Clorox has the effectiveness of bleach, killing the norovirus in 30 seconds, without any of the hazards. It is ideal for environments such as healthcare and education, where infection prevention is vital.


WANDA Next produced by BUNZL, is the latest in washroom technology which saves time, money and helps create more informed decisions. An app produces real-time analytic data reports on cleaning schedules and use of consumables, resulting in more efficient cleaning, higher user satisfaction and optimised labour allocation.

ECO Tabs:

ECO WMT’s new range of Eco Tab’s are chemical free, environmentally friendly tablets which digest problematic blockages in water sources. These easy to use products can be used in drainage systems, ponds and lakes to digest algae and sludge and is so unhazardous that you can eat it.

Innuscience one-shot dosing system:

Innuscience is a biotechnological cleaning product we have used to clean our client’s sites since 2014. The new One-Shot dosing system being introduced in January will mean we can collect, refill and reuse the bottles over 60 times before we recycle them. By using Innuscience our clients decrease their carbon footprint and protect their physical environment.

OdorBac Tec:

OdorBac Tec is a completely environmentally friendly odor eliminator and air purifier. This time-effective product reduces hazards and environmental risks, through reusable packaging.

The Soap Co:

The Soap Co is a social enterprise, providing training and working opportunities for people who are visually impaired, have disabilities or are otherwise disadvantaged. They produce wonderful luxury toiletries which JR&Co can offer to our clients. These products are entirely eco-certified and even claim to help 10-20 bees per bottle sold!