Unsung heroes: Delbert

Delbert works for JR&Co at The Honourable Society of The Inner Temple Estate. Delbert is always passionate and meticulous in his work and at the moment is truly proving to be an unsung hero.

 He leaves his home at 7am to travel by car (where he usually takes public transport) arriving at work around 7:40.When he starts his shift he checks in with our customer and his colleagues from a safe distance and undertakes a sanitisation cleaning regime to protect the residents and essential workers at the Grade Listed Estate.

 When his shift has finished Delbert’s work for the day continues, his wife has underlying health conditions and is self-isolating so Delbert carries out a sanitisation clean to the front entrance and touchpoints within his home to help keep her safe.

 Delbert takes all of this in his stride and told us  “I’m just doing my best to survive, work and keep safe and I’m hoping things get back to normal soon.”